Recycling CoAgulant

Recycling Simplified with CAO1

Cleaning water and solution can be re-used, thanks to Herkules CoAgent (CA01); tested for use with every major brand name paint. Only one scoop needed, so the 2 kilogram tub (4.4 lbs.) goes a long way. This powerful coagulant quickly separates used waterborne paint from the cleaning solution, so that paint waste can be disposed of properly.

A single one-ounce scoop effectively and efficiently clumps waterborne paint prior to the filter process.

This coagulant, partnered with the Herkules inner and outer filter bags, simplifies waterborne paint cleaning.

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    CoAgent quickly and effectively separates used paint from cleaning water or cleaning solution for proper waste disposal. Partner with the Herkules R500, with Herkules Paint Gun Washers G511, G520 and G550, or use with other paint gun cleaners for efficient paint flocculation.

    CoAgent Safety Data Sheet