Sales Representatives

Support Across the Country

Throughout North America, Herkules Equipment teams with leading professionals to provide local sales service and support whenever possible. The following list provides contact information regarding our North American partner. If your region is not represented, or you would like to talk to the Herkules Customer Service team located in our Walled Lake, Michigan headquarters, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-444-4351 extension 203, or by email at

Connecticut Mike Bolio Repforce 617-930-1409
Delaware Rob Harvey Repforce 215-264-4998
Maine Mike Bolio Repforce 617-930-1409
Maryland Bryan Lally Repforce 610-513-4660
Massachusetts Mike Bolio Repforce 617-930-1409
New Hampshire Mike Bolio Repforce 617-930-1409
New Jersey Rob Harvey Repforce 215-264-4998
New York Rob Harvey Repforce 215-264-4998
Pennsylvania (East of Altoona) Rob Harvey Repforce 215-264-4998
Rhode Island Mike Bolio Repforce 610-485-7800
Vermont Mike Bolio Repforce 617-930-1409
Virginia Rob Harvey Repforce 215-264-4998
District of Columbia Bryan Lalley Repforce 610-513-4660